The Wedding Day Run Sheet

May 14, 2020

A question we’re asked, time and time again, is ‘how do we manage the actual wedding day?’

Two words. Run and sheet.


The run sheet is more than just a highly organised piece of paper, it’s an essential part of the planning process. It exists to ensure everyone – your vendors, bridal party, family members and the man releasing the white doves – are all on the same page, in terms of what is happening and when it’s going to happen.


The run sheet also allows you to see the layout of the day, long before it’s actually unfolding. It’s an excellent way to help identify what might be missing, what you may have forgotten, who needs direction, who’s communicating with who and where the potential disasters might lie. Basically, everything you don’t want to be dealing with on the day.  


Include a list of relevant phone numbers for anyone involved in the day, like MCs, vendors, wedding planners, bus drivers, and taxi companies (free Champagne is bound to knock down a few soldiers). Give everyone involved a copy of the run sheet, so they know exactly what to do and when to do it. Hand over the responsibility – the last thing you want is someone interrupting your first dance to ask where the spare toilet paper is kept.


Ever cautious, our advice would be to start thinking about your run sheet at least three months prior to your wedding. However, you can start it at any time and just fill in the gaps as you go. To get you started, we’ve put together an example template so you can see the level of detail we advise (don’t be scared, we know we’re intense) as well as a blank template for you to download and use.  


Our final suggestion is to have someone – a bridesmaid, your mum or your wedding planner – to cast their eye over the run sheet, to add suggestions or point out things you may have missed.


And, as always, we’re here to answer your questions, calm your nerves and point you in helpful directions.


Happy planning!


The Curator.

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