The Curator Beverage Budget

April 18, 2020

Cocktails & photographed by Sophie Isabella

For most of us, the challenge of feeding, hydrating, sheltering, entertaining and toileting vast numbers of people for a whole day – or possibly two – isn’t one we’re used to (festival planners and emergency responders aside). More often than not, the very first time we’re confronted with a test of this magnitude is in the lead up to our wedding.


While we understand each element has its own challenges – running out of toilet paper is no joke – we want to talk about the part of wedding planning that drives many couples to drink.

The wedding beverages.


Despite not knowing who’ll be growing an undercover baby, who’ll be at the tail-end of a big old summer and who’ll be attempting to anaesthetise pre-speech jitters – you’re going to have to make a call and pull out some per-person averages.


With many a concerned couple emailing in to ask us how to work these averages out - while keeping things cost effective - we decided to give you some guidance in the form of a spreadsheet. And, while it’s true we haven’t always seen eye to eye (Why so many columns? How do I make a formula? Why is my eye twitching?) we promise this spreadsheet is so simple, even your Nan could use it.

Your customisable wedding beverage planner is ready and waiting for you – just click the link below.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CURATOR BEVERAGE BUDGET (nb: the link will take you to a dropbox file where you can then download and save the spreadsheet to your personal desktop.)

Oh, and please remember – this is just a guide. Every wedding, every budget and every guest will be different. If you’re feeling unsure about numbers, we always recommend erring on the higher side (with no accountability if Uncle John wakes up in the sand dunes).


And also – don’t forget the non-drinkers. Zero-percent beer, Seedlip Gin, Six Barrel Soda, ice-cold floral or fruit-infused waters…the world really is your non-alcoholic oyster.

And finally - we’d like to leave you with a couple of tips from our friends at Batched Premium Cocktails...


With cost-efficiency top of the list for most couples, it pays to ask beverage companies if they’ll sort you out with a sale and return deal on cases of stock. So, if you’ve bought three cases and your guests only get through two, you may be able to return the third case for a refund (or hold on to it for the honeymoon).


And whatever you do…don’t forget the ice!

Cheers and drink responsibly!

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