The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist

February 7, 2020

By now, we’d be willing to put a significant amount of money on the fact that you and your partner are very, very aware of what goes into planning a wedding. No longer do you think it’s all about romantic proposals, celebratory champagnes and practicing your first smooch. Oh no. You’ve given this thing precious weekend hours, countless lunch breaks and many, many brain cells.


Thanks to your wed-ication (wedding dedication– we’re not sorry) your wedding day will feature some incredible big moments. The putting on of outfits, the arrival of guests (on time, at the correct location), the saying ‘yes’ part, the windswept photos taken on a pre-arranged rugged hilltop…big moments you and your partner thought about, talked about and figured out. Nice one.


While you’ve no doubt nailed the big things, we thought we’d focus on a few of the little things, by creating a list of the teeny tiny (but also quite critical – please don’t panic) details that may slip your excited minds in the lead up to the day. A few tips for the morning of, a pointer or two for the ceremony and reception, and a whole lot of other suggestions we’ve been dying to throw your way.


Hopefully, with this list in your hand – or in the hand of a responsible relative/wedding planner/unsuspecting guest – you can stop sweating the small stuff and look forward to a day of romance, relaxation and just the right amount of toilet paper.  

The morning of.



Want a perfect interim outfit between PJs and wedding dress? Pop on your robe. Slept in your fourth form netball undies and don’t want anyone to see them en route to the shower? Pop on your robe. Getting ready with your favourite people in all the world and want everyone to look and feel delicious? POP ON YOUR ROBES!


Not sure where to get your robes from? Believe it or not, we have a vendor for that…and...a little intel from our friends at Clarence & Co - "With a photographer capturing every special moment, it's worth investing in some quality getting-ready outfits for the #bridesquad. Robes are ideal because they won't damage your fancy hair and make up when changing! They aren't only for your wedding morning pamper sesh either - luxe robes make lovely thank you gifts for your girls too."



The morning of the wedding can be a long one – so snacks for the whole team (including hair and beauty, photographers and any rogue family members who stop by) are an absolute must. Nothing too messy, nothing too powerful (anyone for a garlic, blue cheese and red onion puff?) and nothing with the potential to upset nervous stomachs. If you’re struggling to choose between the tiny sausages, the Bluff oysters and the chocolate covered strawberries…have them all! A pre-wedding grazing table is a great way to sneak in extra snacks and cater to all tastes.



Keep your people hydrated. If you’re having celebratory bubbles or beer, make sure you’ve also got some water in the wings. If you’ve got access to hot water, tea and coffee are always appreciated…especially by those who had nervous half-sleeps the night before.



Have some music ready! Pick some songs that remind you of good times with your bridesmaids/groomsmen. Maybe you all loved Apple Bottom Jeans at uni, or spent hours making Backstreet Boys videos on your family camcorder? If it makes you feel good, put it on the list.



This might sound strange, but if you’re getting ready away from where you’re staying or if you’re all staying in separate houses, it pays to have a supply of fresh toothbrushes on hand for last minute freshen-ups. Nothing worse than heading off to a wedding with the taste of coffee (and those red onion snacks) lingering in your mouth.


Something to keep you cool.

If you’re heading to the wedding in a car (especially if it’s vintage) it’s a good idea to have a handheld fan ready and waiting for you in the back seat. If it’s a scorcher of a day, then parking cars in the shade is also highly recommended!


Wedding bridesmaid robes.

The ceremony.


When it comes time for your ceremony, your only focus should be getting there in one piece, saying the romantic things, and getting married to your person. By going through this list a few days in advance (or palming it off to someone who doesn’t quiiiiite look busy enough) you can relax knowing your guests are taken care of, you’re prepared for weather emergencies and the actual legal signing bit is definitely going to happen.  


Things to think about or have on hand...


·       Tissues. People gon’ weep.

·       Insect repellent for mid-ceremony comfort.

·       Sunscreen. Lots of it.

·       Lip balm.

·       Rain and sun umbrellas.

·       Fans for keeping makeup intact and armpits dry during hot car rides.

·       Panadol, plasters and antihistamines.

·       Microphones for speakers.

·       Someone to hold the microphone during your vows.

·       Picnic basket for wedding party photos.

·       Snacks and drinks (to go inside basket) for wedding party photos.

·       Additional seating available for all your pregnant, wrinkly or very tired guests.

·       A table, some chairs and a pen for the signing of your marriage licence.

The reception.


You’ve done it. The scary, official part is over. Now, it’s time for the party.


In keeping with the theme of the blog, there are a few tiny little things you might want to consider. Then you can relax. We promise.


·      Vases for bridal bouquets.

·      A cake-knife. A cake-stand. And…a cake! (which you can source from one of our delicious vendors).

·      Spare cutlery for all cutlery-related emergencies.

·      A lighter and/or matches. Good for candles, great for power cuts, gold for rogue smokers.

·      Salt and pepper.

·      Bathroom staples - toilet paper, hand-wash, bins, paracetamol, antihistamines, mints.

·      Food wrap, snap lock bags and tinfoil for delicious leftovers.

·      Serviettes. Lots of serviettes.

·      Durable cups for d-floor drinking.

·      Pesto and dip spoons.

·      Cheese knives.

·      Toothpicks.

·      Tea and coffee for non-drinkers.

Late night, day after and anything and everything else.

·      Batteries.

·      Extension cords.

·      Portable phone chargers.

·      Scissors.

·      Secateurs for last minute floral arranging.

·      Sticky tape.

·      Safety pins.

·      Cloths to wipe up any spills.

·      Glass cleaner for grubby glassware.

·      Ice! Plenty of ice. More than you think you'll need.

·      Chiller.

·      A place for empty beer bottles, broken and dirty glasses.

·      Rubbish bags.

·      A skip.

·      Bottler openers.

·      Corkscrews.

·      Blankets.

·      Water jugs.

·      Towels (You never know where you'll end up!).

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