Floral Stylist Co.

February 7, 2020

With the New Zealand wedding industry humming – and more and more talented wedding vendors setting up shop – we thought it was time we showcase a few of our favourites. A selection of businesses (and the people behind them) creating world-class magic for couples like you, every single day.


Our Vendor Features will not only inspire you to soldier on with your planning to-do list (you’ll get there, we promise), it will also introduce you to some exceptionally creative people - some big names, some boutique names and some brand-new names who all have your wedding's best interests at heart.


So, by the power vested in us (and the internet, mainly), we’d like to kick things off by introducing you to…

Auckland wedding florist

Sue Cameron, Owner/ Director of  FLORAL STYLIST CO.


On any given day, you’d be most likely to find Sue Cameron tucked away in her private studio, bopping along with David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac while her fingers dance through earthy greenery, delicate blooms and freshly picked foliage.


After more than twenty years of experience with designing beautiful floral arrangements and installations, it’s fair to say Sue is an absolute expert. A true creative, producing unforgettable sensory experiences through her use of textures, fragrances and inspired colour combinations. A capturer of individual styles and romantic ol’ hearts. A genius at work.


But, where did it all start?  


How did you get into the business of floristry?

My grandfather was an epic gardener and let me work with him in his amazing garden, which was a magical way to grow up. From there, I followed what inspired me and what I’m naturally drawn to: nature, art, colour, texture, life, design...also, I didn’t want to go to university and mum made me find a job! My first ever job was in a tiny shop in Sandringham that only sold four types of flowers - but even so, from there my floral addiction exploded. An addiction that has become part of every single cell of my being.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

The flowers, the art form, the design and the opportunity to work with people to bring some insane visions to life. I love how an event or a space can be utterly transformed with the right floral installation. To me, each flower has a personality. Flowers speak in a language that everyone understands...they’re a vehicle for expression in the most beautiful way. I also love how flower fashions are constantly changing and pushing me forward to new design ideas and possibilities. I just bloody love it all!


What kind of floral work do you do and where are you available? 

If there is a flower involved, we’re there! We do everything from refined small wedding bouquets to the biggest and most insane large-scale installations. We’ve created weddings and events all over New Zealand and are going abroad to Tonga and Australia in the coming year.


How would you describe the style of Floral Stylist Co.?

Our style is on trend, riotous, luxe and totally unique to the client. And, we are brave – constantly pushing creative boundaries with intuition and fashion in mind. Like fashion, floral trends are constantly changing and we like to keep up with the latest looks. This season our two favourite looks are textured whites, creams and parchment tones with luxe groupings of flowers on flowers (no foliage), and modernist ikebana, with luxe premium grouped floral and single blooms, placed in beautiful ceramic and metal vases.


Favourite flowers to work with? 

The list is HUGE! Honestly, if I started I would never stop! But ok –some of my dearest friends would have to be: white and coloured moth orchids; trailing Amaranthus; hydrangea (fresh and dried); massive beautiful roses; single yellow peonies; sweet pea; double tulips and rare gems like violets or lily of the valley…I love them all. Also, I love to add a cheeky pop of something special, fragrant or rare into an arrangement to create a talking point and make it a bit extra.

Auckland wedding florist - floral arch installation

What can we expect from the upcoming wedding season?

So many great things...but I guess the main theme will be refined, luxe and well-thought-out table designs, paired with smart decor and stationery. Also, smaller and more impactful bouquets with bigger ceiling designs and freestanding installations. We can also expect to see a mixture of fresh and dried flora – that’s something which is currently going strong. Oh, and less foliage, more flora. Lots ahead!


What would your advice to engaged couples be in regards to their wedding planning and wedding day? 

1. Pay a deposit (to lock in your florist booking for the actual day), then meet with the florist to work out the details in the months that follow.

2.   If your wedding falls within the October - May wedding season, try get all your details sorted by August. August is the down season for wedding florists, so you’ll receive a lot more attention than you will once the wedding season kicks off! We work towards a final date – 15th October – for the finalisation of all wedding details for the coming season – so, even if your wedding isn’t until Feb, get in touch before mid-October (if possible) to discuss details.  

3.   As with anything in life – you get what you pay for!

4.   Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s not recommended to DIY your flowers. They are delicate creatures - a lot of skill and care goes into looking after them in both the week-long lead up to your wedding (not to mention during the actual day!) You have to know what you’re doing. I’d suggest taking the stress out of it by handing the flowers over to a professional.

5.   Trust your florist to get the best flowers they can on the week of your wedding. Don't get too caught up in specifics...you might miss out on something amazing!

Anything couples need to be mindful of when organising their wedding flowers?

Make sure you have seen what your chosen florist can do and read their testimonials. Check that they have the proper training, industry knowledge and experience to deal with any situation – for example, knowing the ins and outs of health and safety and insurance requirements for hanging large arrangements. Also, check that they’re recommended and trusted by other industry professionals, like us!


Auckland wedding florist - Bridal bouquet

Whether you’re looking for wedding flowers that are bold and dramatic or soft and romantic – Floral Stylist Co. (along with Sue’s dancing hands) will create pure magic.


Mention “The Curator” when booking your bridal party, ceremony and venue flowers with Floral Stylist Co. to receive a complimentary wedding bouquet.*

*Minimum spend $2,500 and must be booked before 1 October 2019.


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