Moon & Back Co. Wedding Films

December 13, 2020

Here at Curator HQ, we take great pride in showcasing some of the wedding industry’s biggest players. The shining stars, if you will. When it comes to videography, Moon & Back Co, owned by Steve Jackson – creative whizz and all ‘round great person – is one of the brightest stars around. Known all over the world for their fun and natural films, their spectacular service, and their relaxed and unobtrusive style, Moon & Back Co. do more than just press record – they capture the essence of each couple and the essence of each day to create beautiful, authentic and immaculately-filmed memories to be watched over and over (and over) again.


We adore Moon & Back Co. We wanted to know more. So, we asked the team a few questions.

‘I asked our photographer Danelle Bohane which videographer she would recommend. I told her that I didn't want anything cheesy, I wanted something that felt unique and natural, and Danelle recommended Moon and Back Co straight away. I checked out their work online and was sold straight away! The videos made me cry, and I felt like I got more of a sense of who the couple really were, rather than your cookie cutter wedding video.’
- Matilda & Art

Who are Moon & Back Co. ?

Moon & Back Co have become known for creating natural, fun & authentic films, but we are also renowned for our service, culture & team. Starting in 2009 with friends and family in Melbourne, we now have grown our studios across Melbourne, Sydney, London & as of 2020, in Auckland and L.A.

We film weddings all over the world and are the preferred partners & friends with some amazing people in the industry. We love doing what we do, because we simply do things our way; not following trends or styles, but focusing on bettering everyone on our team to push the boundaries, work with like-minded couples, and create mini-adventures every week. We are quickly expanding our team & studios to new cities in 2021 (yet to be announced), as it’s important to us that not only do we bring a beautiful service to couples all over the world, but that we are environmentally conscious of the effects of our travel, so having local teams in these areas have many benefits that align to our growth trajectory. 

I chose Moon and Back Co because they are simply the best. I did a lot of research and was pretty particular in what I wanted. Moon & Back/ Steve just got it - I didn’t need to even tell them what I wanted. - Pippa & Duncan

Tell us about the Moon & Back Co. experience? What can couples expect when booking with you?

Moon and Back Co isn’t your local freelance videographer. Over the past decade, we have focused all our investments in creating a strong international brand that delivers the best possible experience to our couples all over the world. We are not solely focused on the product. For us, the experience dictates the outcome of the product. We put service first - the moment customers contact us, the team you are speaking to is the same team who will be involved in their wedding, editing process and through to your final film. Having a full time team we believe gives our couples a service that they simply cannot get anywhere else. We believe so much in our brand that having an amazing film is just as important as the day itself - that’s the reason why we chose to create our company.

The single most important part of our experience with our clients is that we are unobtrusive and relaxed on the day of the wedding - we dress the part, so many think we are another guest on the day and that’s how we like it. We are not there to get in the way or get the ‘shot’ - we are there to ensure we capture the genuine, real moments. We will never tell you what to do, how to pose and we blend in the day to capture it as it unfolds in front of us. 

Couples compliment us on our song choices and how each song compliments the films perfectly. How do we do this - each song we use is unique to that couple - we will never use the same song again twice. We put together the footage from the day and watch the amazing moments unfold naturally in front of us, and we simultaneously find a unique song that encapsulates that footage and vibe that will bring the day together. We don’t use voice overs so the music is such an important part of the process for us.

We believe that moments should be enjoyed as they are, and speeches should be enjoyed also as they are - so we separate and give couples a dedicated speeches clip.

Moon and Back Co’s reputation as the go-to, top-quality wedding videographers was very hard to ignore. And they didn’t disappoint - the end-to-end experience was professional, seamless... and pure magic! Their ability to capture the day as if experiencing it through the eyes of a guest, is breathtaking and incredibly moving. Each time we watch our video back it warms our hearts - and we notice new and deliberate ways they have woven sentiment and meaning into the video. Speechless! - Jess & Ryan

Why should couples book wedding videography?

A wedding day is such a large investment and an experience that you feel on the wedding day from laughter, tears, emotion, happiness - it's such an amazing day, but it lasts only for one day. It's such a huge investment for simply one day of experience. When you get a Moon and Back video, you can literally relive that day - for decades to come, as much as you like. If anyone missed that day, if you have children - our style of filming transports you back to that day because we aren’t cringy, we aren’t cheesy and it's a true depiction of how that day actually was. When you think of wedding investment and how much the investment is, it seems like a no-brainer to preserve that one single day as best you can, video gives you something that photographs just can’t.

The feedback we receive from clients whose weddings were 5-10 years ago is the same feedback we receive from weddings that were last week - timeless, natural and the best way to immerse yourself in that wedding day again and again.

Before we got engaged in 2017, I discovered Moon & Back when I was writing for a wedding publication. I was instantly captivated by their work; their cinematography depicts the emotion and love between each couple they film. It made me appreciate the value of a wedding video. So when it came time to planning our wedding, Moon & Back was the first vendor we booked. Watch any of their films and I dare you not to fall in love with their work too. We didn’t have a bridal party, so we got to hang out with Fairy from Moon & Back on the day, along with our photographer Cassandra Ladru. Fairy hit the balance between banter and distance for us. We love our film more than we imagined possible – it captures the essence of the day as we remember it. Fairy is actually a wizard, and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Moon and Back Co to any couple saying ‘I do’ - Casey & Wills

What are the priorities for your film-makers?

The first priority is to work with couples that align with our values. We find if couples are aligned with us and know what to expect when they work with us and our product, then the rest is easy and natural and the films speak for themselves.

The second priority is making sure that the couple and the guests feel like we are just another guest and that we are not there to make them feel uncomfortable. Our camera is so lightweight and discreet, that it ensures there is no takeaway from real moments being captured.

Such a great video, thank you for the this! We ABSOLUTELY LOVE it and can’t wait to share this with everyone! - Karen & Ian

How do you make the different personalities and wedding day atmospheres shine through in your films?

Every wedding is unique to its own and it naturally unfolds. Whatever film you see is a reflection of how the couple were on their wedding day and the vibe of the day. That’s why we love to work with couples whose values align with ours - to have fun, be natural and let the day unfold as it was - because that’s what we capture. 

What makes New Zealand a unique place to film?

New Zealand is by far one of the most beautiful places in the world. Couples who decide to have their wedding in New Zealand do it based on the affinity to the land, textures and overall feeling. Who wouldn't want to celebrate the biggest day of their lives with Queenstown or Waiheke Island as their backdrop

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