Cover Feature - Haley Guildford Photographer

January 29, 2020

Throughout the year we showcase a selection of beautiful and moving imagery, from both a few of our favourite established wedding photographers and some inspiring up-and-comers.  


Your wedding photographer puts in a long shift - from morning bubbles to last drinks. They’re there for the aisle, the ‘I do’, the dinner and the dance-floor to preserve your memories, capture your moments and help tell the story of your day.


As you’re likely to spend most of your day with a camera pointed your way, we think it’s important you get to know who’s behind the lens.


And so, we’d like to introduce the latest photographer to grace the Curator covers.


Haley Guildford.

When and how did you get into photography?

It was about ten years ago when I was on a 6 month European adventure. I had a trusty little SONY point and shoot strapped to my wrist and found myself seeing the things around me differently. Not just as a tourist, but from my creative eye. The shadows cast from the steps of an ancient building in Croatia, seeing the people from above walking in the square, the symmetry of something - which was extremely satisfying and made me really happy.  


What about wedding photography?

I'm not really a routine person by nature and tend to do things differently on the daily - so the idea of photographing weddings which are always unique and where you can use 100% of your creativity was really cool. You get to meet incredible people, share your ideas and then give them something at the end of it that you've poured all this love and energy into -that they can have forever. There's something pretty great about that I reckon. 


How would you describe your photography style?

It's me I guess. A little eclectic, romantic and tells a story.


What should couples look for when choosing a photographer?

Over anything, someone that you could see being a friend. If you find yourself connecting or having a yarn over a few glasses of wine at your initial meeting then I think that's great. Being comfortable and feeling like you can be 100% you with your photographer will make all the difference. 


Favourite moments to capture at a wedding?

The troops getting ready is always fun. But the whole day really. The moments that pop up unexpected!


Favourite places to shoot?

Places that are special to the bride and groom are always pretty cool, usually, family land or spots that haven't been ventured to a lot. 

I'm always excited about going places a little riskier too ;)


Favourite time of day or setting to shoot in?

I love a Summer evening -don't get me wrong, but a Winter sunset has a different type of light and feeling in the air. Crisp and golden. 

Love it. 

Any advice for couples re their wedding day?

Stop. Soak it all in. 


How best can a couple look after their photographer on the day of the wedding?

If looking after us means feeding and watering - that sounds perfect. I'll always have my own stash of goods on me anyway, but I'd say most of us appreciate a beer and dinner at the end of the day. 


What are you most looking forward to for the upcoming wedding season?

Catching up with all my couples. Venue visits and location scouting. Some of my couples and I are making a day of it and doing it all - wrapped up with long lunch and wine. Why not hey? 


What would you be found doing when not shooting weddings?

I love food so cooking for friends & eating said cooking. In Summer, I'll be lying in the sun or camping!



For more of Haley’s work follow her on Instagram: @hgphotographer or visit her brand new website.



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